Van LEGO kun je alles maken; ook jouw favoriete bands en artiesten. Hieronder enkele voorbeelden van (niet in de winkel verkrijgbare) LEGO sets die jouw favoriete artiest uitbeelden. Blijkbaar zijn teksten van hun liedjes veranderd die origineel het woord LEGO in zich hadden.... kijk snel naar de originele teksten



"I want LEGO just like this... "


"Is LEGO the real life, is LEGO just fantasy"

Rolling Stones

"I can get no... LEGO action"


"But I still haven't found the LEGO brick I was looking for"

Beasty Boys

"Mom jou're just jealous, it's LEGO from the beasty boys"

Daft Punk

"She's up all night to play LEGO"

Tupac, DrDre en 50Cents

"go go go shorty, it's your birthday, here's some LEGO 'cause it's your birthday"

The Smiths

"There is a LEGO light that never goes out"

Spice Girls

"If you wanna play my LEGO, you got to bring LEGO Friends"

The Beatles

"Let LEGO be, let it be, let it beehi, let it be"

Pink Floyd

"All and all it was, another LEGO brick in the wall"

Pearl Jam

"LEGO under the bridge"


"And LEGO for all"


"I was made to play with LEGO baby, you were made to play with me"

LEGO Guns and roses

"Take me down to LEGO City, where the grass is green and the girls are pretty"